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Security Guards

 The growth of any business hinges on protecting assets and ensuring safety and security to life and property at all times. We are a certified company offering authentic and comprehensive security services.

With a high-quality team of highly-trained, experienced and reliable security professionals we capably provide comprehensive support, both in manpower and in security infrastructure, to organizations. We carry a number of legal licenses, including those for fire-arms, to offer the highest levels of foolproof security to your staff, property, premises and materials at all times.

Most of our staff are ex-servicemen who have served in the police and the armed forces in long and distinguished careers. As a well-organized company, we deliver value to your enterprise by taking the hassle of training, deployment and administration out of your equation.

Our flying squads regularly inspect our customer sites at various times to ensure that our security personnel are on top of things all the time.

Some of the basic duties performed by our security personnel include:

  • Checking that no illegal/inappropriate actions occur in the premises
  • Security checking persons when in doubt
  • Safe guard the products and display items while serving a shop or showroom and other property when in a company
  • Check and prevention of crimes, fire and other avoidable hazards.

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