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Vehicle Drivers and Cleaners

Heavy and Light Vehicle Drivers and Cleaners

Our services include the provision of skilled drivers who are experienced in driving any types of heavy duty vehicles. Our professionally trained drivers will make a significant difference to your bottom-line as they are aware of how good driving leads to fuel savings and overall reduction in operating costs.

This is based on the well-researched and empirical proof that proper training and good driving techniques can result in 5% or more fuel saving, translating into 3% reduction in total operating cost. Further, good driving will also ensure that loss of lives and property are avoided by accidents and other misdemeanors.

As a customer driven organization, we take pride in safe roads and only offer the mosted trusted and capable manpower for all driving assignements.

All our drivers:

  • Carry a government-issue license for the type of vehicle they handle.
  • Have over 1+ years of experience driving a vehicle of that particular category.
  • Have their background checked and screened extensively, including via police verification.
  • Provided with uniforms, shoes and regular training at our centre in all aspects of safety, security and general conduct, fire-fighting, HIV awareness and time management programs.

We also provide on-call and permanent drivers for any light commercial vehicle including minivans, jeeps, cars etc.

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