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Venus Security Services

Venus Security Solutions offers a complete bouquet of security solutions, fire alarms and systems coupled with manpower and security staff.

Our highly qualified and experienced team helps you decide the best security solutions for your needs and we provide end-to-end services in the installation and maintenance of various systems across all sizes of businesses and locations. We offer complete and integrated technological solutions, which are cost-effective, deliver value and stand the test of time.

Our manpower services team of security personnel includes provision of assistant security officers and security guards. Our teams are highly trained, thoroughly vetted with background checks (including police verification) and are deeply experienced in various scenarios including terrorism and vandalism by anti-social elements.

Further, we diligently comply with all government norms, provide compulsory training and refresher courses ad have our own premises for the same. We also hold licenses for fire-arms and provide gunmen for the required situations, events and locations as appropriate.

All our security personnel are below 40 years of age and we give preference to ex-servicemen and ex-police force personals in our recruitment process. 

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